Ensembles – the perfect combination of instruments

Ensembles that we offer are:


2 Violins, Viola Cello –The string quartet has a full orchestral sound and a vast repertoire. The quartet is one of the ensembles which, due to its versatility of repertoire, is a good choice and is suitable for larger events.

String Quartet
The Quartet at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow.


Violin, Violin or Viola, Cello – The String Trio has a more delicate sound and is more suitable for smaller venues and events with less guests. As there are only 3 players in the trio, it costs less to hire. Our trio repertoire is also large and varied and includes all the wedding music favourites.


As a String Trio at The Waldorf Estoria Edinburgh – The Caledonian.
Photo by Nexus Digital Media.




String Duo
As a String Duo at Crieff Hydro Hotel, Perthshire.



The String Duo is a good choice for smaller venues and events with less guests. The duo also works well for wedding ceremonies. Less repertoire is written for duo, and it has a more intimate sound.









Morag Swietlicki – Solo Violin


The Solo Violin is a great choice for wedding ceremonies, religious occasions or marriage proposals. The Solo Violin is available for 1 hour only (no receptions)









Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello – The Flute Quartet is a surprisingly good alternative to the string quartet. If you are looking for something just a little different, the addition of the flute to the strings is really beautiful. It has a rich full sound, a vast repertoire and is one of the ensembles more suited to larger events. The Flute Quartet carries the same repertoire as the String Quartet. 

Listen to the Flute Quartet –



Flute, Violin or Viola, Cello – Like the string trio this combination is a surprising alternative and the sound of the flute, as with the quartet, works beautifully with the strings. The flute trio is suited to smaller events and venues and includes the same repertoire as the String Trio.

As well as the ensemble combinations above we have an extensive database of trusted musicians so please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.